• LEL Flammability analyzer


    • Product parameters:

      0 to 100% Low Explosive Limit (LEL)

      Measuring accuracy: ±2% 

      Zero drift ≤1%FS/ 30day

      Range drift ≤3%FS/ year

      Response time (t90) <1 s

    • Technical features:

      FID detector

      T90 < 1 S

      High reliability/low maintenance

      0 To 100% LEL

    • Apply:

      RTO/RCO/TO inlet and outlet gas monitoring

      Total hydrocarbon content monitoring

      LEL monitoring and early warning

    • Compliant:

      USEPA: 40CFR Part 60 method 25A

      China: CPA 2015-C174

      EN14181 QAL1(MCERTS) applied for

    • Flexible&reliable:

      Designed for portability

      Military style design

      Many still in operation after years of rigorous work

    • Easy to use:

      Warm-up typically 20 mins

      No microprocessor or software

      Just 5 simple functions

      0-10v output or optional logger

    • Flexible:

      Fixed and portable versions


    • Easy to use:

      Totally automatic operation

      Wireless tablet

      Software suite for use over ethernet or RS232

    • Accurate:

      Precision monobloc FID

      Trace PPM measurements standard

      High range % available

    • Flexible:

      Available in 1,2,3,4 or 5 gas channel configuration

      Multiple gas and range options

    • Easy to use:

      Wireless tablet

      Software suite for use over ethernet or RS232

    • Accurate:

      Rotating gas filter design for minimal cross sensitivity

      Suitable for ultra-low measurement applications

SIGNAL SCIENTECH  GROUP LTD, As a quality supplier of environmental analysis instruments, SIGNAL SCIENTECH has many years of experience in the gas process analyzer industry. The company is committed to providing customers with professional process monitoring, quality optimization products and systems.

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